Security Design Gap

A gap in meeting a security requirement that applies to your application architecture or infrastructure configuration.


A Project in oak9 is any application or workload that you want to secure in the cloud.
In modern cloud native architectures there are hundreds of cloud native features and services that are interacting with each other via access policies, events, network communications, etc. These services are often developed by different teams or business units each with their own life cycles. This makes it very difficult to infer boundaries of an application or workload. Within the oak9 platform, a Project is a flexible construct for an organization to help define the boundaries of a workload and enable oak9 to dynamically apply security requirements that organization is looking to meet for that workload.
That said, creating a project is very simple. You answer 5 questions to help us understand your business use-case, draw the boundary of your workload and oak9 will immediately help identify security design gaps for that workload.


Security design gaps are measured based on severity from Low to Critical. The Severity represents the overall risk to your business from Low to Critical.

Visual Designer

A visual representation of your solution's architecture, as denoted by a connected graph. Modules/cloud resources are represented by nodes in the graph, and communication between nodes are represented as edges in the graph