With our new environments feature, oak9 users will be able to clearly map resources between the different stages of the development lifecycle.
Environments are a concept in the software development lifecycle. We’ve turned it into a feature of our platform. Simply put, Development, Staging, and Production are all terms that describe stages of proving, testing, and fixing code with separate cloud resources. This allows developers to create functional proof of concept where they may test what they’ve created whilst not making an impact on the live environments your customers may be using.
This feature will allow customers to better adopt a security and compliance by design approach to software development by following any required frameworks throughout the software development lifecycle.
*****This feature is a preview release (beta) with full functionality availablility to follow
Environments (Default only)
With every new project created, oak9 will automatically set up a Default Environment.
The Default Environment can be managed via navigating to your Project Page or your Visual Designer.
Selecting manage Environment will allow you to view all your Integrations associated with the Environment.
You can Edit or Delete an integration from your Environment
Selecting the “Add Integration” Button will display a search bar with a drop down listing all your Integrations on oak9
You can select back to come to your Visual Designer
Oak9 will also allow you to select your environment when adding a new integration and for now the Default Environment will already be selected for you.