Setup Terraform Cloud Run Task

The guide will walk you through setup of oak9 run task in for terraform cloud. If you do not have an account with oak9, you can create one for free using our community license (see steps below).

Create an oak9 account

To start using oak9 as part of the pipeline build, first create an oak9 account by clicking here , and follow the onboarding instructions.

Add an integration for Tf Cloud Task within oak9

Create a run task in Terraform Cloud

You can create a run task by accessing Settings > Run Tasks.
You will need to use the webhook and the HMAC key generated from oak9 run task integration to complete your run task configuration.

Add a run task to a workspace

You can add the oak9 task that you configured in the previous step, with the workspace where you want to analyze your terraform plans. The run tasks can be setup either as Advisory or Mandatory.