Manage Resources

The manage resource feature enables a new way to sort and filter cloud resources. Quickly find what you need with a few clicks.
Manage resources is a way for users to quickly view, sort, & filter cloud resources within an oak9 project. We've also restructured the way we gather information from your cloud and display it. With this change, you should experience improved wait times while we fetch your resource list. Resources will be added to the list as data is being received allowing you to see the devices before the list is finished populating.
  1. 1.
    After adding your first cloud infrastructure integration, you'll see a screen much like this one
  1. 2.
    Select the relevant resources for this project
Select Resources
3. Click add resources
4. Click on the Current Resources tab to view newly added resources to your project
Current Resources Tab
5. Once you've clicked close, a validation will run against your newly added resources
The screen will then redirect to the Findings View where you can see all security gaps and take action
Findings View
You can now navigate through your security and compliance findings that will enable you to meet your security and compliane goals!